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Our Products

Aviva is the first nutritious plant-based cheese alternative made from legumes, more specifically Canadian navy beans. Our products are an easy, delicious and sustainable way to get important nutrients and the pleasure of cheese, without the dairy

Our three products are:​

  • Made in Montreal with Canadian navy beans as their main ingredient

  • A source of protein and calcium

  • Nut-free and free from the 9 main allergens

  • Gluten-free

  • Full of flavour!


Our Cheddar-style is highly versatile. Eat it with crackers for a healthy snack or grate it and add it to your bowl or burrito.

Smoked Gouda-Style

Our Smoked Gouda-style is perfect for your plant-based cheese platter, in a sandwich, or anywhere you'd like to add a smokey touch.

Feta-Style with Herbs

Our Feta-style is garnished with herbs and it has the perfect balance of tanginess and saltiness. Cubed in a salad or crumbled on an appetizer, its texture will surprise you.

Cheddar - Nutrition Label.png
Gouda - Nutrition Label.png
Feta - Nutrition Label.png
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