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Our Products

Aviva is the first plant-based cheese alternative made from chickpeas, beans and seeds, and centered around nutrition.Our products are an easy, delicious and sustainable way to get important nutrients and the pleasure of cheese, without the dairy

Our three products are:​

  • Made in Montreal

  • A source of protein, calcium, iron and fibre

  • Suitable for people with nut allergies

  • Not a source of saturated fat, as other alternatives in the market


Our Cheddar-style, made from chickpeas and red lentils, is highly versatile. Eat it with crackers for a healthy snack or grate it and add it to your burrito.


Cooked Chickpeas, Cooked Red lentils, Sesame seeds, Carrot puree, Coconut oil, Pea protein powder, Nutritional yeast, Salt, Spices, Annatto, Bacterial Culture


Our Gouda-style made from beans with smoked paprika and turmeric is perfect for your plant-based cheese platter, or simply for a sandwich. 

Cooked Navy Beans, Hulled sesame seeds, Coconut Oil, Pea protein powder, Carrot puree, Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Spices, Bacterial Culture



Our Feta-style is made from white beans and garnished with herbs, is perfect for a salad


Cooked Navy Beans, Hulled sesame seeds, Pea protein powder, Coconut oil, Lemon juice, Rice vinegar, Salt, Spices, Fine Herbs, Bacterial Culture

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